Friday, February 26, 2016

Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown

ABH dipbrow pomade is probably one of the most talked-about eyebrow fillers I've known. I've been longing to try out this product but it's too expensive, and buying such product would take a year or so for me to think and re-think it over before I actually purchase it.

Btw, for those who haven't got a clue what this is, it's basically something you'd use to fill in your eyebrows. So, beside pencil, we have so many other options nowadays. Such as powder, gel, brow mascara, brow tattoo, and this one: a pomade.

This pomade comes in a tiny glass jar (which I forgot to capture, shame on me) and a black carton box too). But that's all you'll get since the brush is not included.

According to the box, this pomade can last up to 6 months after first opened. So maybe, after that short period, you'll need to buy a new one since the formula might change.

The shade comes in 11 options, from ashy to reddish brown, from ebony to blonde. You name it. Just don't expect something too fancy since they only launch natural human eyebrow shades.  I'm talking about blue and red eyebrows, if you don't notice. And as you can see, the shade I picked is Dark Brown. I aimed for a quite dark eyebrow.

The jar has their brand embossed on it, as well as on the cap. What you get inside the jar is something you'd call a tiny amount of pomade. Well it looks like a pinch of product, but trust me, once you start using it, you'll realize you need a long period to spend the whole product.

The pomade is very creamy, thick, and totally odorless. I've been using this with my Jessup angled brush, which has a very sharp edge, one of the sharpest angled brush I've found.

Left: With camera flash.
Right: Natural lighting.
The shade Dark Brown is a cool toned brown, which is quite dark. Just like the name itself.

Applying ABH Dipbrow Pomade is quite tricky. It's very smooth and tend to be 'slippery' when you apply this on your eyebrows, so steady hand is a must. The pigmentation is amazing, use a light hand when dipping your brush into the pomade, or else you'll get too many products and end up with fake-looking eyebrows.

However, this product is NOT smudge-proof just like company said. The pomade stays wet and creamy on my skin, it doesn't set nor dry out, which is a very unfortunate event for me. 

If I have to compare this with NYX Eyebrow Gel regarding their longevity, then NYX is an absolute winner. I once wear NYX alone at the gym, and it didn't budge at all. But wearing ABH Dipbrow Pomade during a normal activity outdoor, and my eyebrows change shape just after 6 hours. For a USD 18 product, that's too bad. Or maybe I'm the one to blame for hoping a pomade product will be anti-budge? 

For a better longevity, I choose to set this product with my Wet n Wild eyebrow kit or any other dark brown eyeshadow. They work well together. My eyebrows will still smudge, but stays a little longer than wearing the pomade alone.

So, will I repurchase? Nope. I don't know why so many people rave about this product so much. It's quite good, but not that good for me. Especially for that USD 18 price.

This product is available in Indonesia through online stores only, the price varies from IDR 300K to 350K. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Video Tutorial: Eye Makeup Look Using Elianto Eyeshadows

Wahai para pembaca yang budiman,

Kali ini saya mau bikin eye makeup tutorial menggunakan media video. Biasanya kan pake gambar, cuma kalo pake gambar doang itu rasanya gemes, soalnya ada beberapa step yang lebih gampang ditunjukin pake video. Jadilah kali ini gue iseng nyoba bikin video tutorial.

Eyeshadow yang gue pake adalah keluaran Elianto seperti di gambar atas itu. Gue pake seluruh warna itu untuk eye makeup ini. Oh ya, sedikit info, gue belom pernah review produk ini ya. Jadi ga usah repot search review-nya di gue. Gak bakal nemu. Mau gue review, tapi belom dapet wangsit.

Gaya eye makeup ini bisa jadi pilihan buat kalian yang pengen pake eyeshadow biru tapi masih ogah pakenya di kelopak mata bagian atas. Gue juga sebenernya agak-agak gimana gitu kalo pake eyeshadow biru, berasa kayak artis taun 80-an. Hehehe...

Btw, kalo kamu ga punya eyeshadow merk ini, silakan pake merk apapun yang kalian punya ya.

Nah kalo kalian mau tampilan yang lebih glam, simpel aja sih, cuku tambahin glitter senada di atas eyeshadow biru tadi. Cara pakenya cukup ditempel pake lem bulu mata. Dikit aja ya. Kalo kebanyakan bakal berabe urusan. Pengalaman pribadi soalnya.

Product breakdown:
  • Wet n Wild Ultimate Eyebrow Kita in Ash Brown
  • Ellianto eyeshadows in Evian Blue, Lady Pink, Burlywood, Thunder Black, Creamy Yellow, and Intense White.
  • Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner in Black
  • NYX Retractable Eyeliner in White
  • Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara in Black
  • Nobluk Softlenses in Grey
  • Make Over Eyeliner Pencil in Navy Blue
  • And some cheap Taiwan lashes

Oh ya, simple question buat kalian para pembaca yang budiman, apakah kalian lebih suka video tutorial macem gini, atau pake foto aja? Hehehe...

Thank you yang udah mau kasi masukan!

See you!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review: Sleek Matte Me in Petal

I got this Sleek Matte Me like from winning Dine/Aisah giveaway, and it was almost a year ago. Not that I forgot about this cute prize, I was just simply waiting for the right moment to unwrap it.

When first launched, this product was originally named Sleek Ultra Smooth Lip Cream with a different kind of font. The one being reviewed here is their latest version. In case you're wondering.

The shade I own is Petal (435). And as stated on the bottle, this product can last up to 3 years upon first openning (36 months). Compared to LA Splash (only 3 months) or Lime Crime (12 months), Sleek Matte Me is more economical in terms of its life span.

Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Styrene Isoprene Copolymer Cresin, Silica, Diox, Titanium, Ide/CI77891, Red, Iron Oxide,/ CI77491, Yellow, Iron Oxide/CI77492, Bht, Propylparaben, D&C Orange No.5/CI145370:2, D&C Red No.6/CI15850:7

The applicator is what I love. Instead of a classic doe-foot shape, it is extra long and pointy, making it easier to draw a precise line. Unfortunately it feels so hard. I wish they have made it a little bit softer and more bouncy.

The texture is quite runny, not creamy. It also dries quickly.

Petal is a pale muted pink. It tends to washes me off unless if I put on a foundation or BB cream. My skin is NC25, and I don't think this would suit any darker complexion.

As you can see from the picture of my lips above, the texture of Petal shade is very streaky. I put on several layer and still couldn't get the smooth result. 

For those of you who have darker lips on the edges, I would suggest to put on some lip primer first, or a thin layer of foundation. And like many other pink lipstick on me (pale or bright) this one will also oxidize after several hours and turn into a darker color.

I have tried this product in the shade Birthday Suit, which is so much better in terms of the texture, finishing, etc. Petal kinda seems dries out and tends to clump at my inner lips, especially after eating. So the reapplication is a bit challenging. 

Lip preparation is highly recommended before applying this product. Moisturize your lips properly or scrub them in advance. I would avoid wearing this when I suffer from chapped lips.

In Indonesia, this product would cost for about IDR 120K in many online stores, they are not available off line, though.

Repurchase? Err... nope I think. I love the color but I just can't stand its texture.