Monday, September 21, 2015

Review: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Rose Velvet, Ginger Rose,Fleshtone)

Lately I need to buy lipsticks that are easier to apply, something that I can swipe in 2 seconds without looking at the mirror (Oh yeah, I'm very good at this). And when I dropped by at Dan+Dan makeup store, I decided to buy some nudes from Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick series. But since I couldn't decide which one, so I bought four of them. Three were from Super Lustrous series, and another one was from Revlon Matte Lipstick. I'm not sure whether that matte lipstick comes in the same series as this one, so I wrote a separate review about it. Read it here.

Their packaging remains almost the same from when the first time I bought this, if I'm not mistaken. It's a classic type lipstick black tube with a golden strip and Revlon symbol on it. The only thing that change is probably the top of the cap which is now comes in a transparent plastic. It used to be all covered in black I suppose.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick comes in several different unique formula: pearl, matte, sheer, and creme are the ones I recognize. The creme one is my favorite since the rest of them are quite tricky to apply and a bit drying on me. They come in 82 different shades in all different formula. But since it's impossible for me to buy all of them, I only bought three: Fleshtone, Ginger Rose, and Rose Velvet.

Top: No camera flash
Bottom: With camera flash



Rose Velvet is a cool combination between rosy pink and brown, but the brown seems more dominant than the pink.



Ginger Rose is like the lighter version of Rose Velvet, they're like sisters. But this one has greater amount of pink than the brown itself.



Fleshtone is a warm neutral brown. There's also a light touch of peach in it. This one is the least to my favorite since this is too brown for me, but most Indonesian girls would probably love this color since this works on the largest spectrum of skin tone among these three.


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick has a smooth and creamy formula. It doesn't dry my lips, and comes with amazing pigmentation. And because of their creaminess, they're not transfer resistant, so beware with your teeth. Btw, I'm talking about the ones with creme formula. I used to try some mattes, pearls, and sheers from these series, and I found them all disappointing in terms of formula, but the shades are all equally beautiful.

This lipsticks stays on my lips for several hours and still need reapplication after eating. I don't feel any discomfort wearing this, no sticky feeling, and no weird smell. Until the end of the day, I don't find any flakes at the inside of my lips, which means this doesn't dry at all.

I would highly reccomend these lipsticks for those of you newbies to lipsticks, they are opaque and smooth in just one swipe. I bought these in Dan+Dan makeup store for IDR 35K each. It's worth every penny. Btw, what's your super lustrous favorite?

Review: Revlon Matte Lipstick (Mauve It Over)

This Revlon Matte Lipstick is a result of my impulsive shopping habit. I picked this up at the counter since I thought this one comes in the same series as Revlon Super Lustrous. Wrapped in plastic, they look alike. Little did I know, when you unwrap them, the packaging looks quite different. Revlon Matte Lipstick series has a black cylinder tube with matte surface and a silver strip, while Revlon Super Lustrous has glossy tube with golden strip in the middle.

It has a 'transparent window' at the top of the cap, so you can peek through the color to choose your favorite shade in the counter.

Mauve It Over is not exactly a mauve color. To me, it looks like a combo between pink, brown, and a touch of peach. I mean, mauve should be more like pink or purple, right? This is such a pretty and safe color and look a lot like my real lip color. Some reviews said this color was a dupe for MAC Velvet Teddy.

There's a bit confusing fact I got from that Revlon had discontinued this, but I'm not so sure since I bought this on September 2015. Maybe they have reproduced this, or else, I got myself an old stock, but it's alright for me because I don't suffer from any allergy at all.

Applied on my lips, this lipstick glides on very smoothly without flakiness. The result is semi-matte. No weird smell, in fact it has no smell at all. But I got a little problem with its pigmentation, because if I have to compare this to its sister (Super Lustrous Series), then this one sucks (a bit tho', not really). I have to glide several times to get an opaque result. But I don't know if the same thing happened with other shades.

This lipstick stays the whole day without drying effect. I must say this series is my favorite because I love the semi-matte result. It makes you look stand out without having too much distraction of glossiness.

I bought this in Dan+Dan makeup store for IDR 35K, and must say this series is better than the Super Lustrous one, except for the pigmentation, of course. But remembering again about the 'discontinuation' fact, well, it kinda bug me. Because I love this product so much.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Review: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil No 01 (Black Brown)

Ini pensil alis yah, udah dari kapan gue baca review-nya, cuma tetep aja gak kepengen beli. Gak aja. Eh belakangan gue mulai terracuni gara-gara liat spoolie-nya. Iye bro, spoolie!

Drawing Eye Brow Pencil dari Etude ini kemasannya berbentuk... errr... pensil. Karena dari namanya aja udah pensil hehehe. Bahannya plastik. Bodinya itu sebenernya berwarna coklat tua, tapi untuk ujung pensilnya berwarna sesuai dengan variannya juga. Misalnya yang kelabu, ujungnya juga kelabu gitu.

Kalo tutupnya dibuka, dia jadi bermuka dua. Maksud gue yang satu itu pensilnya, sedangkan di ujung satunya terdapat spoolie atau sikat alis. Sebenernya di bodi pensilnya itu ada tulisannya, mana yang brush, mana yang pensil. Tapi lupa gue foto.

Btw, ini spoolie yang tadi gue sebut-sebut sebagai alasan gue beli produk ini, bukan karena pensilnya. Spoolie gue yang lama udah terbelit serat kapas. Gara-gara waktu itu gue iseng nyobain teknik menebalkan bulu mata pake kapas dan maskara. Sering juga gue celupin ke dalem face paint dan darah-darahan. Dan sekarang spoolie gue itu jadi susah dibersihin. Bukan susah lagi malah, tapi emang udah gak ada harapan bersih lagi. Selamanya. Jadi kan lumayan kalo diitung-itung. Gue bisa beli spoolie yang cakep dengan harga murah, plus dapet pensil alisnya pula.

This pencil comes with a plastic body, with a pencil on one end and a spoolie on the other.

Drawing Eye Brow Pencil ini adalah pensil alis model retractable, yang tinggal puter aja udah keluar pensilnya. Ga usah diraut lagi. Pensilnya juga unik, bentuknya pipih gitu. Jadi serasa dandanin alis pake angled brush. Tapi sayangnya dia pendek banget, kalo ga salah lebih panjang dikit dari satu buku jari. Oh ya, pas lagi gambar, jangan kepanjangan retract-nya. Ntar gampang patah.

Untuk spoolie-nya juga gak ngecewain. Cakep deh, dan lembut. Dan yang gue suka, bentuk sikatnya rata. Bukan cembung seperti kebanyakan spoolie yang ada di pasaran. Walaupun bentuknya emang agak mengingatkan gue akan sikat botol.

This flat shaped retractable eyebrow pencil enables you to create a pointed line without even bother sharpening it. And its unique shaped spoolie can help you to even out the lines you have just drawn, as well as brushing your eyebrow hairs. I also use the spoolie to make an ombre effect on the inside of my eyebrows.

Varian yang gue punya adalah No. 1 alias Black Brown.

My favorite eyebrow shade would be cool toned brown, dan si Black Brown ini kayaknya memenuhi kriteria itu. Kayaknya loh ya, soalnya gue nebak warnanya berdasarkan gambar doang. Namanya juga beli online, serasa beli kopi di kafe yang belom kita kenal. Enak ga enak, baru ketauan pas udah diminum.

Buat referensi kamu, ini color system lengkapnya:

Top: With camera flash
Bottom: Natural lighting

Awalnya gue agak ragu, soalnya bentuk pensilnya itu keliatan keras. Tapi pas gue swatch di tangan, ternyata teksturnya pas. gak kelembekan, tapi gak terlalu keras. Yaaa cuco' lah. Minimal gak kayak pensil alis biasa yang harus dicoret-coret dulu biar jadi lunak.

Warnanya pas gue swatch emang keliatan agak kemerahan. Tapi ga tau kenapa pas gue pake ngalis, dia jadi agak gelapan gituh. Mungkin warna rambut alis gue juga bikin ngaruh ye. Dan ngaruh juga karena alis gue biar dah gue tipisin, tapi penampang rambutnya itu tebelll. Barangkali loh.

My shade is No. 1 (Black Brown) which is a cool toned dark brown. It looked like reddish brown on the back of my hand, but turned to a dark one when I applied it onto my eyebrows.

Hasil warna dari Black Brown ini emang pas banget dengan keinginan gue, cool toned brown. Gak kemerahan. Tapi maap ye, biarpun produknya pake pensil Korea, tapi alisnya tetep ala dangdut. Tangannya udah kebiasaan gambar model gitu sih.


Pensil alis ini gue bilang sih cocok deh buat yang suka bikin alis natural dan tipis ala artis Korea. Tapi buat orang yang suka alis tegas dan tebaaaal, menggambar alis dengan pensil ini merupakan... apa ya bilangnya, tantangan tersendiri. Karena bikin alis tebel itu emang enak banget pake eyebrow powder. Hasilnya jauuuuh lebih halus ketimbang pensil. Walaupun hasil akhirnya emang tergantung dari tangan masing-masing, bau atau wangi.

Make ini juga jangan ditekan, cukup poles dengan gerakan ringan aja. Karena kalo diteken jadinya menggumpal. Bentuknya yang pipih itu juga lumayan membantu sih untuk bikin garis alis yang tajam, walaupun hasilnya masih kalah tajem dibanding pensil alis Viva yang diraut sampe runcing. Hehehe. Tapi paling nggak, elo ga usah repot ngeraut. Soalnya pensil alis retractable yang ujungnya bulat, tetep aja jadi tumpul kalo dah dipake.

Untuk daya tahan, gue bilang sih amazing ya buat produk yang harganya murah. Gue pake nih seharian, kena wudhu, keringet, sampe gue bawa tidur siang juga masih on point loh alis gue. Yah, tapi pernah sih gue garuk alis, dia agak pudar dikit. Intinya, dia bakal stay terus asal jangan lo senggol aja.

Pensil ini gue beli seharga IDR 50 ribuan, di mana ya... ah segen gue nyebut nama tokonya. Soalnya harga segitu termasuk mahal. Karena setelah gue beli di situ, gue nemu produk ini dijual di beberapa olshop dengan harga rata-rata IDR 30 ribuan aja. Kan kampret.

This pencil is perfect for those of you who wish to create natural looking eyebrows (read: Korean eyebrows) since the texture is not very soft, nor it is too hard. Apply this pencil using a light hand, otherwise, you'll create some uneven dragged lines. This product, surprisingly, stays pretty well on my eyebrows, the whole fucking day. It originally costs WON 2,000 and about IDR 35K to IDR 50K (USD 5) when you buy this from Indonesian online stores.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Review: Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly B.B SPF 20 PA++ (Aqua Beige)

BB Cream ini gue beli karena random aja sih. Kebetulan mak kece Edelyne jual preloved-nya, dan pas banget gue lagi gak punya stok BB Cream. So bisa dibilang pengetahuan gue tentang produk ini betul-betul nol pada saat gue membelinya.

BB Cream ini tampil dengan botol kaca yang tebal lumayan berat dengan tutup biru muda. Kalo gue lihat dari beberapa review sebelumnya, BB cream ini udah ganti baju alias tampil dalam kemasan baru. Kemasan lama dan yang baru sama unyu-nya sih. Bentuk botolnya tetap sama, cuma corak di kotak dan tutupnya aja yang ganti.

This BB Cream comes in its newest packaging, with square box and a bulky yet heavy forsted glass bottle. 

Ada dua shade yang tersedia yaitu Aqua Beige (No. 1) dan Aqua Natural (No. 2).
Yang gue punya ini adalah No. 1. Sayangnya gue ga tau shade mana yang lebih terang di antara keduanya, waktu gue browsing juga gue ga bisa dapet keterangan yang pasti tentang ini.

There are two shades available according to their website: Aqua Beige (No. 1) and Aqua Natural (No. 2). The one I have is No. 1, and I completely clueless which one is the lighter shade, or which one is neutral/cool.

Di bagian dalam tutupnya terdapat spatula yang berguna untuk mengambil produk dari botolnya. Rada ga enak ngeliatnya, karena kemasan model begini bikin isinya jadi gak higienis. Banyak beauty blogger yang menyarankan untuk tidak mengoleskan produknya langsung ke wajah menggunkan spatula, dan lebih baik mengoleskan dulu ke punggung tangan atau mixing palette. Biar lebih higienis katanya. Tapi gimana ya... gue juga gak yakin tangan atau palet itu lebih bersih dari muka (walau udah dicuci!), lagian gue kan dandan pas udah cuci muka sampe bersih, jadi kalo gue lebih milih langsung mengoleskannya pake spatula ke muka. Mau ikutin cara siapa, tinggal disesuaikan dengan keadaan masing-masing.

There's a spatula included in the cap to scoop out the product. I must say this kind of packaging is less hygienic compared to a squeezed tube ot pump bottle. Applying the product onto your face using the spatula directly is not recommended, although I prefer to do it that way. 

Dalam kotaknya juga terdapat spon putih yang bentuknya sedikit mengingatkan gue akan rebung. Hehehe. Sayangnya lupa gue foto pas lagi photo session. Jadi maap kalo tampilan fotonya agak-agak beda sendiri ya. Sejujurnya gue gak tau performa spon ini gimana karena gue belom pernah coba. Tapi kalo gue raba, teksturnya agak licin dan berpori kecil. Jadi kayaknya ga enak dipake, susah buat nge-blend.

The white sponge that comes along with the poduct. It felt too smooth to be a sponge, I suppose. So I never want to use it.

Tekstur BB Cream ini agak mencurigakan, bukan cair atau krim melainkan agak kental seperti jeli yang udah tercampur air. Awalnya gue pikir dia udah kadaluarsa, tapi ternyata emang teksturnya begitu. Walau keliatannya kental, tapi pas dioles ke muka, gampang banget di blend-nya. Begitu di apply rasanya dingin dan ada aroma menyegarkan. Dingin di sini maksudnya adem ya, bukan tingling atau minty sensation.

The texture is like some watered down jelly. At first I thought the product was expired already but turned out it was the original consistency. Although a bit thick, but it can be easily blended onto your face just by using foundation brush. There's a fresh aroma coming out of the product that will fade gradually.

1. Bare face
2. Worn half face
3. Worn full face
4. With full makeup on

Ngomongin soal shade, ternyata yang Aqua Beige ini agak keputihan di kulit gue yang NC25. Bisa kalian liat perbandingannya dengan warna leher gue. Tapi pas gue timpa pake bedak, blush on, dan bronzer tipis sih warnanya jadi ga terlalu keputihan. BB Cream ini juga lumayan bisa menutup kantong mata gue. Jadi untuk pemakaian sehari-hari gue gak perlu lagi pake concealer.

BB Cream ini, di kulit gue yang normal-oily, hasilnya matte. Saking matte-nya gue sama sekali gak perlu pake bedak lagi. Jadi sehari-hari gue cukup pake BB Cream ini aja, tanpa concealer atau bedak lagi. Praktis kan? Untuk ngeblend-nya gue cuma pake kuas Expert Face-nya Real Techniques. Asli pake kuas aja, tanpa perlu gue ratain lagi dengan jari atau sponge. Perpaduan BB Cream dan kuas ini bikin muka gue jadi keliatan 'mulus' dengan usaha yang minim. Lebay? Nggak kok. Emang gitu kenyataannya hahaha.

Daya tahannya untuk sebuah BB Cream juga lumayan oke. Dengan pemakaian tanpa bedak di ruangan non AC, muka gue masih bisa survive cakepnya sampe kira-kira 6 jam, dan di ruangan ber-AC muka gue akan terus cakep sampe akhir hari. Nah, begitu makeup dibersihin, baru deh luntur cakepnya.

Overall, ini gue rekomen banget buat yang punya muka oily. Ga tau tapi kalo yang mukanya kering. Kalo bisa gue kasih ponten 10, udah gue kasih deh. Sayangnya aja kemasannya agak berat dan kurang higienis. Dimasukin ke pouch kosmetik, itu pouch langsung jadi berat. Jadi yaaa nilanya 9.5 lah buat doi.

Gue beli ini second hand, kalo yang barunya dijual dengan harga retail resmi sekitar IDR 270 ribu. Itu harga resmi, harusnya di olshop bisa lebih murah. Sayangnya BB Cream ini agak jarang dijual di olshop, tapi it's ok. Counternya udah ada di Indonesia.

This Aqua Beige shade is a bit too pale for my NC25 tone. But topped with face powder and a small amount of blusher and bronzer, it finally blends well with my skintone. It has a great coverage to cover my dark circle and acne spots. I don't have to put extra face powder for daily use since the result is already matte. I use this with my Real Tecniques Expert Face Brush and the combo really makes my face looks flawless in an instant. The staying power is great for about 5 hours in outdoor, and will last all day in an AC-ed room. This BB Cream is highly recommended for normal to oily skin type.

9.5 out of 10